Hey! I'm just doing a quick catch-up for whoever actually looks at this anymore, because, hey, it might come in handy someday.

Remember that Kim & Mat thing? I gave up on that a LONG time ago (and I mean long). Here's whatever came of it: [x]

Not much, right? Okay, moving on.

I started work on a game back in mid-to-early 2014, called Tome (you can find the wantonly updated devblog here). Some guy called Sam worked on the programming for it, whereas I worked on the music, graphics and writing. I'm still planning on working on it, but Flash is the largest sack of shit. I'll most likely remake what I've got in a better game engine and continue on from there at some point in the near future, likely somewhere between next year and Mad Max happening.

Here's a very early release of it, where you can explore the main character's house (for the most part) and do battle with a ghost (for the most part): [x]

As you can probably see, it's very unfinished.

Kim and Mat

2013-09-18 05:29:14 by neonpaint

i have been making some sweet progress on a game i have been working on recently called kim and mat. it is a rogue-like puzzle platformer with pixel art graphics and randomly generated maps. i recently got 100 followers on twitter and i made a vow that if i reach this that i will create a story mode for the game, so that is happening too!

check out more on the #kimandmat tag on twitter. :D

Alright, finally finished college! This means I can get around to doing some sweet shit.

Animation for Cubix's opening Castle Crashers let's play
Donx & Didz Animated
Majora's Mask animation
Homestuck Animated
Home (a game I've been working on)

No particular order, but they should all be done by the end of this year.

Also, I'll be going Manchester Comic Con, cosplaying as Jake English. If you wanna meet up, message me!

Game update! #2

2013-06-06 09:36:01 by neonpaint

Working on the player model and a few textures at the moment, as well as doing a tiny bit of world building. HOW THE FUCK DO I RIG MODELS?!

Art style. Okay.

2013-05-20 10:30:16 by neonpaint


Seriously though, I've been experimenting with my art style a lot recently and I think I've (kinda) got a solid style down. Go check out the most recent art posts to see what I mean :)

Game update!

2013-05-12 13:53:54 by neonpaint

Got a programmer! Go and check him out on his Twitter page! We've got all of the concept art done, now I'm working on the 3D modelling and texturing and Dosh is working on the coding and stuff :D

Game concept, working on it!

2013-03-21 10:53:28 by neonpaint

The game itself was about a robot/broken android that gets washed up on a beach on an uncharted island. There are run down buildings, a secret tribe of spirit people and locations where archeologists that have gone missing have been working (including diary logs, books, maps and the like). There would be an appeal to explore the island openly and find out what happened and stuff. As a robot, you could take screen shots and share the screen shots with other friends who also own the game as a way to show nice locations you had found which you think they should try exploring. There would also be caves, shrines and stuff like that.

There would have been NO enemies in the game, the only obstacle being unable to progress through the game due to the difficultly of the puzzles. As you get closer to the centre of the island (where there's a fucking massive temple), the puzzles would get harder and harder AND HARDER AND HARDER. The puzzles would make use of expansive spaces by using something called non-eucilidian space. Non-eucilidian space is pretty much how wormholes work, but more mind-rapingly insane. You could go through one space and come out of the other smaller or bigger than you are supposed to be, whereas the room retains its size.


Beat Ascension.

2012-12-17 10:55:12 by neonpaint

Working on a game about ghosts and the gameplay revolves around rhythm and exploration. Everything will be 16-bit and will have an ambient chiptune soundtrack. Your goal is to revive ghosts so they can ascend to wherever the hell ghosts go when they ascend. Anime cutscenes galore. Secret levels with graphics made by different people. Music by the community. First sprite is here: http://i.imgur.com/JyEIj.gif Going to post again soon, or when I can be bothered. What's paragraphing?